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No updates

I won't be able to update for a while, because my computer doesn't work. On my laptop I haven't got photoshop, so the only goodies I can make are the screencaps, but without preview images, hope you don't mind it.

My laptop didn't work for few days, I got it back today (after I dyed my hair, yay), so I couldn't write (and do and watch) anything in the past few days.

Wish my PC good luck T___T Hope she will survive it T____T
U-KISS: Kevin - Neverland


OMG! I was just like this -> O_O when I realised, that I have had 1000+ visitors~ *____* And I just opened the community a week ago. Arigatou, minna-san~ ^^

I'm not going to update today, but stay tuned for the upcoming things (tomorrow or a bit later).
U-KISS: Kevin - Neverland

Grand opening!

Yey~ Today I opened my own graphics community, because I didn't want to mix it with my personal journal. There are so many tags, that it would be messed up :S On the following days I'll fix the mistakes, and start to create goodies~ And post the resources later~

If you have questions send me a pm^^

All entry will be locked after a few days (~2-3)!